The Solo Travel Handbook – Deciding To Go


Deciding to do a SOLO TRIP… (Hopefully many…)

About me – My schedule – Where I want – When I want – What I want to eat and see

Self-reflection and development – increase problem solving skills – increase independence – become more fearless – discover strengths and identify weaknesses

Traveling alone does not mean that something is wrong with me! I will become more aware of my surroundings and more conscious of my personal safety. I will miss Chew but that does not make me a bad fur-momma or mean that I shouldn’t travel. It will be easier to meet new people when I am forced to talk to the people around me. If I can do this – I can do anything ❤ Taking a time-out will help reassess what I what and need in life!

“10 things you learn about yourself while traveling solo

  1. What kind of traveler you are
  2. To be more open-minded
  3. What your limits are
  4. To be comfortable alone
  5. To take responsibility
  6. To trust your intuition
  7. What is important to you in life
  8. To live with less
  9. Who your real friends are
  10. There is always room in your life for more friends”

For Now…

B. Roeck

Solo Travel Research

When I was searching for some Route 66 books and travel guides, a worker and I sparked up a conversation. When she found out what I was planning for the summer; she pointed out this book!

What better way to start planning than seeing what other solo travelers have done and recommend 💕

Be ready for a brief synopsis by tonight or tomorrow!

For Now…

B. Roeck

The start…

As I sit here in bed on June 20, 2018, just one year and one day after my divorce was filed, I begin to plan for one of the most independent adventures yet. Let’s get a brief intro first…

Good morning 🙂 

My name is Brianna and I am 27 years old. I have always found myself to be independent, as I grew up an only child. However, that quickly was tested when I asked for a divorce not even a year after getting married. [But that is a whole other story for a different day]. I lived with my parents growing up, from 18-21 when I was in college I lived with anywhere from one to four other girls, and then from 21-26 I lived with my boyfriend, fiancé, husband and eventually our adorable puppies. As all of the divorce “stuff” proceeded we decided to sell the house we had bought two years earlier, and to our surprise it sold before ever hitting the market. So, it was official this 27 year-old with a failed marriage was moving back home… WHAT?! Ya, that’s what I said – it would never work! Thankfully my cousin (I love having 3 “sides” of my family!) had an extra room and was willing to let me “rent” it out for a while. Fast forward three months and I closed on a house of my very own! And now after a roller-coaster of emotions, trials and tribulations I am living for ME!

My first solo-ish adventure was Hawaii for Christmas this past year and it was a blast, but I stayed with a friend so it was not completely solo. So when I decided not to do summer school and to just take time for me this summer, I knew I needed something to plan for… Because, well if you know me, I would sit at home reading books all summer and I need to get out!

Traveling Route 66 has always been on my bucket list! When I was pondering what to do this summer, I knew this was the trip I needed to take! 

Then the questions started rolling in (and to be honest I wasn’t surprised by any of them). How can you afford that? How can you leave Chew (my adorable puppy that is like my son) or are you taking him with you? Who is going to watch Chew? Wait, you are going alone?!? Is that a good idea? What happens if you get sick? What if something happens to you car? And they continue…

My answer… I WILL FIGURE IT OUT! I have lost too many people in my life to stop me from living each day as it was my last. Money will not do anything for me when I am 6 feet under… And I am not going on some elaborate all inclusive cruise. I am taking a road trip where I will probably sleep in my car more than once, I will eat from the snacks I pack before I leave, and I will budget to make sure I don’t have to get a job on the road to make it back to WI. (However, if that is the case I am a Lyft driver so I can turn that baby on anywhere!)

Well that is it for now – I have an itinerary to get started on… I leave in about a month…

For Now…

B. Roeck